Upaya Zen Center

Bread Loaf Mountain Zen Community is an affiliate of, and deeply appreciative of Upaya Zen Center. Upaya is a Zen Buddhist practice, service, and training center. The vision of Upaya focuses on the integration of practice and social action, bringing together wisdom and compassion.

Upaya, which is our spiritual maha-sangha, provides a context for community practice, education in Buddhism and social service in the areas of death and dying, homelessness, prison work, the environment, women’s rights, and peacework. It endeavors to fulfill the vision of the Five Buddha Family Mandala, by understanding the integration of all of its functions.

The Five Buddha Family Mandala is based on the Five Meditation Buddhas of traditional Buddhism from India. It is a vision of Buddhism that is integrated, interconnected, and process oriented and is based on the integration of our spirituality, education, livelihood, service, and community into a whole cloth.

Upaya offers many programs, retreats, and trainings, which you can sign up for here.