Testimonials Infinite Circle

I had some concern when signing up that it might be too much of a commitment;
My life was quite full as it was.
We were going to experience plunges into new unfamiliar experiences.
Then 2020 and COVID-19 plunged us all into the new and unfamiliar.
Infinite Circle and my Buddha Buddies group became so important, an emotional health life line.
Rather than it being too much to take on, I wonder how I would have done without.

  • Pat (student first community Infinite Circle)

“Infinite Circle was a steady, supportive presence during a turbulent year. The community supported my practice, the class materials challenged and reframed my thinking, and the acts of service connected me more deeply to the place where I live. I had no idea the online format would be as powerful as it was.”

  • Leah Todd  (student first community Infinite Circle)

Being part of Infinite Circle clearly changed my life. I felt both challenged and connected in these times of feeling separate and at times, helpless to do much. Despite not being able to meet in person, I.C. offered so many ways of intense learning and commitment. As adult learners, we were able to keep up while still going on with our home lives. I would recommend this program to anyone who is seeking communion on a path of helping and self exploration.

  • Betty / Seishi (student first community Infinite Circle)