Welcome to Bread Loaf Mountain Zen Community, where we offer transformative  Zen Peacemaker residency. Our program provides a unique opportunity for contemplative social action within the Zen tradition. As Zen Peacemakers, we actively engage with the world, diving into the crevices of society where suffering is prevalent, and approaching it with the Three Tenets: Not Knowing, Bearing Witness, and Healing Action.

Our residents develop and hone skills through hands-on service to others. We work directly with individuals grappling with poverty, mental illness, substance use disorders, and loneliness. Our path of service is guided by the Dharma, grounded in daily zazen practice, and supported by our vibrant community.

Residency at Bread Loaf Mountain Zen encompasses a range of enriching experiences, including:

1. Regular 1-on-1 spiritual direction sessions with our Guiding Teacher and senior practitioners.
2. Serving at our Zen Peacemaker House, known as Gather, to foster a caring community for neighbors who feel isolated, lost, and overlooked.
3. Special programs and silent meditation retreats for deepening your practice.
4. Daily meditation sessions to cultivate mindfulness and presence.
5. Chanting practice and temple position training to deepen your connection to the Zen tradition.

As a resident, you’ll enjoy the support of an authentic residential and local community. Additionally, the beautiful natural surroundings offer abundant opportunities for hiking and other outdoor activities. Nestled amidst miles of trails, you’ll find solace and inspiration in the serene environment.

The residency program involves a discernment process, allowing you to explore the possibility of extending your commitment to residential practice beyond the initial discernment period.

To support our communal endeavors, we kindly request a contribution of $300 per month toward our shared budget. This covers housing costs, most community meals, and participation in our training programs. We are deeply grateful to our generous benefactors, who ensure affordability irrespective of one’s economic situation. If necessary, we can arrange a flexible schedule for interns to engage in local part-time employment. For employed residents, we may request a contribution up to $450, depending on income and personal financial circumstances.

Join us at Bread Loaf Mountain Zen Community and embark on a transformative journey of compassionate service, personal growth, and spiritual awakening. Apply now and discover the profound impact you can make in the world.

We ask that you make a two-month minimum commitment, and be excited to be working with sleeves rolled up in the wider community.

For more information about Zen Peacemaker Internships and to obtain an application, contact Joshin at