Registration Process

Thank you for your interest in the Infinite Circle Study and Practice Program of Bread Loaf Mountain Zen Community (BLMZC). ​Please read all the following information carefully and be in touch with us if you have more questions.

Registering for the Infinite Circle program is an easy, two-step process:

Registration Form
The registration form includes some questions on why you are interested in the program; your answers will help tell if this program aligns with your interests and practice. Each inquiry will be followed up with a conversation with Joshin, who can work with you to decide if this program is right for you.

Program Cost
This program is 100% donation based. That said, offering this program is not without costs. To help cover these costs, we ask that you make a contribution of $108 per month for as long as you are participating in the program. (see below for more information about payment and cancellation). This contribution supports individual livelihoods and sustains the community engaged projects of Bread Loaf Mountain Zen Community. Please consider contributing more to cover costs for others who cannot make a contribution of this size. Note that this contribution does not cover the four books that are required reading during the course of the year.

Some other thoughts on this contribution:

  • Raising a mala: We suggest that you explore inviting your sangha or community to sponsor you as a way to include them in this journey
  • About payments: We have priced the program to limit our administration needs. This allows us to offer this program to more folks, but it also means that it takes more time to work with custom payment plans. It is easiest if you provide your full contribution when requested.
  • Generosity: You may offer financial support to the teacher and Dharma Buddies. This is completely voluntary but it is a very nice gesture.

Payment Schedule
When submitting your application, we ask that you make a financial contribution to the community in the form of a $108 deposit towards your tuition. Upon acceptance, we ask that you contribute 100% of the tuition for each module 30 days prior to its start:

  • The full contribution for Module 1 (six months long) is $648
  • The full contribution for Module 2 (three months long) is $324
  • The full contribution for Module 3 (12 months long) is $1296

Payment Methods
You can pay online here, or send a check to Bread Loaf Mountain Zen Community, PO Box 818, Middlebury VT 05753. When making a payment by PayPal, please add 2.2% ($110 total) to cover the service charge for using that service.

Late Registration and Cancellations
While these events are not ideal, late registrations and cancellations do happen. We encourage anyone finding themselves in this situation to reach out to us as soon as you can so we can work on a plan that works for your practice.